Law Firms

Law Firms utilize sending and receiving faxed documents for immediate response to their clients and other parties of required legal documentation and notification. Most legal document with faxed signatures are legal binding. Law firms have implemented Cloud based fax services based on compliance, tracking, archiving and ease of integration. Each member of the law firm can have their own fax profile for sending and receiving faxes. Faxing through email, fax print driver, multifunctional printer will be done through a secure encrypted transport allowing for client identification and cost center codes to be included with each fax request for tracking and compliance.

Since 1993, Empire Messaging has been the leader in Fax/SMS/Email integration. As a result of our vast customer base, we have heard the same issues and compliance concerns that need to be met. We are unique in that we take a consultative approach in learning requirements and then with real world experience, can share how we have implemented solutions with other customers, usually bringing forth new solutions.

Law Firm goals for a better Fax Solution:

    • Never busy inbound digital fax delivery of crucial fax documents to individual users, partners and/or departments
    • Tamper resistant document delivery and receipt
    • Encrypted and certified delivery options
    • Fax Communication tracking with client identification and billing codes
    • Proven and reliable redundant fax platform and disaster recover for uninterrupted fax service
    • Cost of in-house fax solutions can be up to 90% more expense than hosted fax solution without any added benefits.
    • Integrate with front- and back-office applications to extend and leverage current computing environments
    • Easy to install, use and manage
    • One Fax solution meeting all requirements of the staff and workflows
    • Encrypted electronic delivery for added security and privacy
    • Facilitates tamper-resistant Information transmission by delivering information in a non-erasable format
    • Provides document tracking, storage, and reporting tools for audit trail of fax communications
    • Routes documents directly to a designated recipient, limiting access to only those who need the information
    • High availability, never busy fax service that exceeds what is obtainable with in-house fax solutions
    • Affordable and scalable for any size organization and requirement needs

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