Healthcare and Medical Services Companies

Healthcare and medical services companies are moving to Hosted Fax Services because the vendors and platforms have matured beyond in-house solutions in integration options and lower overall cost and with the Cloud Based Fax Solutions having the security measures in place to be in compliance. Healthcare organizations have many different programs in their day to day operations; EMR Systems, Billing Systems, inbound receipt of medical records, radiology reports, just to name a few. With hosted fax, there are many options to improve work flow and integration within these products.

Since 1993, Empire Messaging has been the leader in Healthcare space when it comes to Fax/SMS/Email integration. As a result of our vast healthcare customer base, we have heard the same issues and compliance concerns that need to be met. We are unique in that we take a consultative approach in learning requirements and then with real world experience, can share how we have implemented solutions with other customers, usually bringing forth new solutions.

Healthcare Drivers for a better Fax Solution:

  • Create a comprehensive paperless medical record environment
  • Compliance – securing data and protecting access
  • Remove cost of fax server architecture
  • Implement fax desktop tools to improve workflow and increase staff productivity
  • Leveraging existing applications and back-end systems,
  • Providing tighter integration,
  • Simple integration with many medical/healthcare industry applications, document management and EMR systems that allows for consistent end user experience, and administration
  • Automatic inbound digital delivery of medical records, radiology reports, and patient information to various end users and departments, help insure HIPAA compliance
  • Integrate faxing with “home grown” applications
  • High availability, never busy fax service that exceeds what is obtainable with in-house fax solutions
  • Affordable and scalable for any size organization and requirement needs

Secure hosted digital fax communications typically streamline workflows and processes around admittance documents, referral forms, physician orders, claims, medical billing, claim status, lab reports, prescriptions and more.

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