Cloud Fax Solutions

Robust, enterprise-grade online fax services.

Our fax services can be integrated.

Cloud Fax Solutions

Cloud-based fax services provide the same level of application integration, security, compliance, quality, control, administration and reporting traditionally associated with an internally managed global fax infrastructure like RightFax or GFax, but the cost of ownership of a Cloud-based fax solution is purely based on a pay-as-you-use transaction model paying for fax transmissions that are delivered.

In ROI comparisons, the cost per page for in-house fax servers can be as high as ten times higher than cost per page with a hosted cloud fax solution. With no trade off in functionality or integration.

Benefits Cloud Based Fax Solution

Eliminates fax machines, fax servers and telephony infrastructure

Compliant with HIPAA, HI-Tech, SOX, GLB and other industry regulations

Existing Fax numbers known by business partners and customers can be ported over to the platform.

Unlimited Scalability with Fax2Mail – tens of thousands of fax ports

Fax data is secure on platform by encrypting the data at rest or in archives.

Never Busy Fax Architecture – delivering over 10 million faxes daily for the largest enterprises in the world

Sophisticated Security – 128-bit encryption for sending and receiving faxes

Enterprise Application interfaces using Fax API, SFTP FAX, Web Services Fax, SMTP Fax

Full Disaster Recovery – Redundant geographically diverse data centers for availability 365 days a year

Web-Based Administration for real-time account modifications, reporting, user management

Fax2Mail email-based faxing service for sending and receiving faxes as electronic messages

Real-time trackable delivery and fax delivery confirmations

Microsoft Office Integrated toolbar icon for Desktop Fax outside of email using proprietary API interface for secure transmission

Fax print driver allows for faxing out of any application as easy as printing out the document

Xerox MFPS fax connector for cloud based integration for sending and receiving fax through MFP device.


Receive faxes directly into email, vendor supplied fax desktop tool, FTP Server, network drive, applications or printer


Send Faxes directly from email, vendor supplied fax desktop tool or fax print driver or through website


Installed Fax icon into application tool bar that is fully integrated without any system changes. Secure Faxing.


Fax print driver that can be downloaded and installed allowing users to send faxes from any application that supports printing


Secure Fax Portal Website can be access from any device that has internet connection. View and download fax files

Application Fax allows you to integrate your business applications such as CRM, ERP, SAP to send and receive critical fax documents through a powerful hosted fax platform which provides unlimited fax capacity. You will have total control and lower cost and receive a higher level of quality and control than traditionally associated with in-house fax servers

Supported solutions include Fax Webservice API, FTP/SFTP Fax, Secure SMTP Fax. Guidance, training and technical documentation that provides for the schema and all parameters that may be used in selecting options associated sending fax messages and requesting status as well as receiving inbound fax messages.

Whether it’s desktop fax, application fax, SAP fax, broadcast fax, email and voice notification – ALL the services highlighted on this website. Companies can take advantage of all the fax services through one Cloud Bases Fax vendor to meet all the Enterprise faxing requirements. Choose a proven Hosted Fax Solution that has been selected by the most demanding corporations with their own methodology of how they want the fax product to function.

Our SAP Certified Fax messaging service allows you to send faxes directly from your SAP system without fax infrastructure, changes to your system and without installing additional SAP software or plug-in. Our cost per page model will enable you to send orders, confirmations and other documents quickly and cost effectively.