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Support When You Need It

Your first-line of support comes directly from your designated Account Manager. In fact, most of our clients never deal with Customer Support directly. Your Account Manager knows your internal operations as well as the products and custom setup requirements of your account on the platform. He/She has the technical knowledge to answer most questions and should be viewed as an extension of your internal staff, following through on every issue to resolution in a timely manner. Clients even have access to the Account Management Team after-hours when there are emergency circumstances that require immediate attention and escalation to management and technical staff. All staff have a find me feature on their office line that well forward calls after hours. Each company that we represent, has their own 24/7/365 Customer Support Team that our customers can reach out to directly if they wish.
Prior to going live your will be given a Support Escalation Guide that defines ticket severity levels, management contact information and the important numbers to call for future reference.